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additives adjuster adjusting adjustment aerator aim air air pole air show airity airrotor alarm systems america amount amounts andy browne anger casting to the clip into the sun angler angler holding a bass angler in silhouette against evening sky angler plays fish angler walikng across a field with fly fishing tackle angler waling along the bank anglicans angling angry fish animal apex apexcatch application applying pressure aquatic aquatic plant like aquatic plantlike aquatic plants assembly line assortment atmospheric attaching the pole to attach the baited top kit ready to ship out attracting bite attracting bites attracting carp attracting fish attraction attractor autumn autumnal colours avoiding liners b711 baby baclit badshot lea badshot lea big lake bag bagging bagup bait bait and feeding bait box bait box containing damp micro pellets bait box containing micros and old ghost krill groundbait bait box containing sweetcorn bait boxes bait detail bait enhancement bait mounting device bait preparation bait sequence bait sinking in water bait table bait tray bait tray fabtray baiting baiting a rig baiting a swim baiting sequence baiting the swim baiting up baiting up a pole top kit baits bald balling balls balsa balsa body band in a loop banded pellet banded pellet hook bait bank stick bankside organisation barbed barbel barbel in commercial fisheries barbel on the pole barbel rod barbelss barbless barbule barrow barston lake bartson lake basingstoke canal basking battle battling bead beard beautiful carp beautiful condition bed behaviour behind the scenes belmont bend bespectacled best shot of sequence between fish big bend in the rod big splash big waggler birds bite detection biteindication biting fish black tip bleak bleak catch shot bleak net of fish blu sky blue and black daiwa shirt blue hydrolytic blue skies blue sky bng21 bng21. bngrp78 boat fishing boats boil boilies boiling water boils and swirls bordersatrest boston bottom baits bottom view. bournemouth box braided reel line bream bream fishing breed brian brian gay brian gay fishes todber manor little hayes lake with plastic baits brian willson brick pond brick pond catch bride bridgwater brighjt day bright bright day bright light bright sun bright sunny day broken cloud brown goldfish bruechub btenchcatch bts bts shot sony pmw f3 camera with cp.2 lens and oconnor obox on the kessler pocket dolley and manfrotto 502 head. bts shot sony pmw f3 camera with cp.2 lens and oconnor obox on the kessler pocket dolley and manfrotto 502 head. headphones bubbles bubbling water buffer bulk shot bunch of maggots bunched up bung bungalow lake buried burley butt butt rests butted up ca cabnal cad pot cad pot on pole top kit cage feeder calm calm water camou camouflage camp canal canal lake canal lake pole fishing match tactics canal lake stillwater barbel canal lakewillraisonemag canal style commercial canal style lake canon canon 200l f2 cap capability browne. bathampton aa capture captured car park carbon stem care carp carp action carp bag carp bagging carp basking under the surface carp catch carp fishing carp fishing baits and rigs carp holding shot carp match fishing carp mouth carp on carp rigs carp rods carp shallow carp splashing on the surface carp to double figures carp unhooking carp waters carp. success carpa ape float carpa chimp float cars cast caster and maggot casters casting casting a rod and line casting a spomb catapult catapult elastic catch catch a fish catch pic catch shot catch sot catching catching a fish catching fish catching quickly catchjing catty caught cell boilies centrally mounted chair charity checking chopped worm chopped worm and caster chopped worm and casters chopped worms chopping worms mid shot chris christening christmas chub cigar clear lastic clip swivel closeup closeup shot cloud cloud kit cloud kit. cloud kits cloud top cloud top kit cloud top kits cloud top summer clouds cloudy coarse coarse fishing coarsefishing bait cold collection colours commercial commercial canal commercial canal lake commercial fishery common common carp common carp. pasty carp component compress compression concentrate concentrating concentration conflict conservation constellations contents contrasting styles control cork cork and eva rod handles corn cotswold waterpark cottee couch county couple cover crazy bait gold creedy crop crows foot crucian carp cubed luncheon meat cubed meat cup cupping kit curve cut cut.still001 cut.still003 cut.still004 cut.still005 cut.still006 cut.still007 cut.still008 cut.still009 cut.still010 cut.still011 cut.still012 cut.still013 cut.still015 cut.still016 cut.still017 cut.still018 cut.still019 cut.still020 cut.still021 cut.still022 cut.still023 cut.still024 cut.still025 cut.still026 cut.still027 cut.still028 cut.still029 cut.still030 cut.still031 cut.still032 cut.still033 cut.still034 cut.still035 dacron line to elastic connecter dacron line to elastoc connecter daiwa daiwa 105 seat box daiwa air logo daiwa air pole daiwa air pole butt daiwa air xls pole daiwa airity air pole daiwa cap daiwa cast'ism reel daiwa f1 speed kit cloud top daiwa hoody daiwa hydrolastic daiwa hydrolastic white daiwa hydrolytic daiwa hydrolytic white daiwa interlastic cloud kit daiwa landing net daiwa logo daiwa logo blue cap daiwa logo on back of blue short daiwa logo on blue polo shirt daiwa logo on blue shirt back daiwa logo on blue short daiwa logo on cap daiwa logo on pole butt section daiwa logo on sleeve of blue shirt daiwa pellet net daiwa pole sock daiwa polo shirt daiwa seat box daiwa sports daiwa sports uk daiwa sports uk. daiwa sports uk. will raison daiwa st mono daiwa tournament daiwa tournament airity landing net handle daiwa tournament match pro feeder 1011q daiwa tournament pro match feeder 1011q daiwa tournament pro match feeder 1011q tip bending daiwa tournament professioanl distance feeder rod daiwa uk daiwa yellow quiver tip dam wall damp pellets dampened pellets dank drizzle dart dave harrel angling dave harrell angling dave harrll angling david lidstone dawia hydrolastic dawn dead pinkies dead red maggots decent stamp carp dendrobaenas closeup denise cook dense deposit the carp into the keepnet depositing bait into the swim depth markings at 6 inch intervals on a top kit detail detail. tight crop devon fisheries dial digital disgorger displaced water display display shot displaying a fish shot displays dissappointment dobbing with a waggler dogshoot dorsal fin erect dorset stour double carp holding catch pic double figure trout double hook up doublefigure carp down the edge drag adjuster drain drennan drennan bait waiter drennan carp 1 dibber float drennan carp 4 dibber 0.2 gr drennan carp feeder barbless drennan catapult drennan crystal dibber drennan crystal dibber. drennan crystal diver float drennan dibber closeup of float drennan dibber float carp 1 drennan doublestrength line drennan feederpult drennan grippa stops drennan international drennan pole cup drennan polemaster pole cup dripping drop droplets drops drops from the landing net dsc04148 dsc04490 dsc04502 dsc04794 dsc04797 dsc04798 dsc04800 dsc04801 dsc04802 dsc04807 dsc04809 dsc04810 dsc04820 dsc04837 dsc05067 dsc6619 dsc6891 dsc6902 dsc6905 dsc6909 ducks dump and wait dunk durleigh durleigh on tour november 2013 durleigh reservoir durleigh. early summer earth bank edge edge dweller editorial educating efficiency efficient efficient fishing efficient match fishing efficient pole fishing elastic elastic knot and bead elastic stretching elastic to line connector elastication electrical assembly electrical inuslation tape emag 85 emag 94 pics emagazine 57 emagazine 58 emperor palltrax empty swim end tackle enhancement enlarged holes eos erupting eruption erupts establishing etc eva evening evening fishing evening sun evening sunlight evening. nash nrxd 13 ft 3.5 lb tc rod event examining expander pellet expander pellet over micros. airity air pole expander pellets expander pellets in shallowwater in a bait box explosive explosive action explsoive action extra holes eyed hook f1 f1 carp f1 carp fishing f1 carp swirling on the surface f1 fishing f1 margin fishing f1 speed kit f1 speed kits. sony action cam fabtrays fabtrays side tray face factory factorycatch family far bank far bank cover far bank margin swim far margin feature swims features. margins feed feed before casting for accuracy feeder feeder fishing for canal bream feeding feeding a swim feeding accurately feeding detail feeding device feeding fish feeding kits feeding pellets feeding sequence feeding tackle feeding tactics feeding technique feeding the swim feeding the swim with pellets feeding the top 5 line in front of the next platform feeding with a pole cup festival fishing tactics fight fighting fighting hard fiighting fish filling a pole cup filmshoot fin final fine finer tips finger on line finger tips fingers fingers hand finished hook bait fins fins erect fins splayed fire fired firing firing a catapult fish fish action fish behaviour fish catching action fish fighting fish holding fish holding shot fish holding shot potential cover fish holding shot. glasses fish holding trophy shot fish in net fish in the net fish ing action fish on fish on the long pole fish on the pole fish playing fish playing action fish rolling fish rolls fish scales fish splash fish splashing fish swirling fish tail fish thrashing the water to a foam. fisherman fisherman with ducks in the foreground fishery boss fishery bridgwater fishery keepnets fishery kept fishery management fishery manager fishery office fishery owner fishery scenic view fishing fishing action fishing at ryalls lane fishing bait fishing bait detail fishing baits fishing casting fishing catch pic fishing for f1 carp fishing in front of an empty swim fishing is fun fishing just down the shelf fishing match tactics fishing pond. carp pond fishing reel fishing rig fishing rod fishing tackle fishing tackle and bait fishing tackle detail fishing tackle. fishing rod fishing tactics fishing the feeder fishing the gloucester canal in the mid 600s fishing the long pole fishing the method feeder fishing the pole fishing the stealth rig fishing the top 5 line in front of the next platform fishing weight fishing with two rods fishiung fishon fiull five past 2 fkkjnnt flare flat calm flat calm water flat rollers fle fishery flight discs flights float float bristle float detail float dotted right down float fishing float rig float settling down float stem float waggler floating line floating scum floats floppy hat florida fluffy clouds fluorocarbon fly angler fly fisherman fly fishing fly fishing for pike fly reel fly rod foaming water focus follow follow my leader fordingbridge forearm foul hooked foul hooker fouled foulhooker fr1 carp free running freshwater freshwater fishing from taunton frost full full cup full load full stretch elastic full. fully loaded furnace lakes fwillraisonemag gama carp barbless hook gama pellet barbless hook. gamakatsu gpoint pellet barbless gamakatuse gap garbolino garbolino power legion pole gardener gay gcsxrkd gear gelatine gillmans lake gitzo systematic series 5 tripod gitzo systematic series 5 tripod and fluid head gitzo systematic tripods gitzo tripods giving glasses glinting sun reflecting on water glued pellets glugs goild valley gold lake gold valley gold valley lakes gold valley springlakes gold valley syndicate lake goldfish good condition gopro.still001 gopro.still002 gopro.still003 gopro.still004 grabbing grain grains grass great condition green green alga greenridge farm grey grey hydrolastic grey paint grey painted top kit grip grooves groundbait groundbait catapult groundbait feeder group guide guru flat lead guru hybrid feeder guru plummet guru tackle h264 hair rig hair rigged pellet hair rigged worms hairrig halkonhunt clothing hand hand in the bait bowl handful handful of corn about to go into a pole cup cupping kit handle handling hands hands clasped hands dendrobaena worm hants avon happy happy couple with fish hard fishing hard pellet hard pellets header headlamp headlamp. heat heavy fish heavy weight hemp hemp seed hemps hempseed hereford high key highbridge aa hoarrig hold holding holding a bass holding a carp holding a carp caught n the pole from the top 5 sections line but on front of the next spare peg holding a channel catfish holding a common carp caught on the long pole holding a fine common carp holding a fish holding a fish shot holding a large plummet holding a nice perch holding a pike pickerel holding a rod and reel holding a skimmer caught on the long pole and an expander pellet hookbait holdinga fish holds holiday lodge home made float home made floats homemade float hood hoody hook hook bait hook baits hook detail hook hold hook in breams mouth sliding across the surface hook point hook to nylon hookbaits hooked hooked in the tail hooked on hookers hooking a single grain of corn hooks hot hot day hot weather how much hybrid hydro hydrolastic iii5760x3840 iii5760x38404072887 iii5760x38404143415 iii5760x38404213879 iii5760x38404284663 iii5760x38404493751 iii5760x38404564343 iii5760x38404634871 iii5760x38404705847 iii5760x38404777975 iii5760x38404991223 iii5760x38405058487 iii5760x38405126647 iii5760x38405195575 iii5760x38405396663 iii5760x38405464631 iii5760x38405532599 iii5760x38405600375 iii5760x38405736695 iii5760x38405804919 iii5760x38405873207 iii5760x38405941495 iii5760x38406009207 iii5760x38406145015 iii5760x38406213303 iii5760x38406349687 iii5760x38406612791 iii5760x38406681463 iii5760x38406886519 iii5760x38406952759 iii5760x38407019127 iii5760x38407085623 iii5760x38407152119 iii5760x38407550647 iii5760x38408010871 iii5760x38408406391 iii5760x38408613047 iii5760x38408681271 iii5760x38408749623 iii5760x38408817911 iii5760x38409018935 immaculate common in in bait box in the shade indicator indoor industrial insect inspecting interlastic interlastic kit interlastic. dacron line to elastic connecter internal pole bush internal ptfe bush into the sun intro island island margin jamie cook jenny jenny's lake jets junior kamasan b611 x strong barbless wide gape nickel hooks packet size 20 kamasan b711 hooks close up of packets kamasan straight peacock wagglers keepnets kessler crane kessler pocket dolly slider kessler slider king's knees knob knot knotless knot knots kodie koi carp korda subline tapered 8 lb to 40 lb korum. label lake lake toho lake tohopekaliga land landed landing landing a fish landing net landing net at the ready landing net handle landing net head landing net shot landscape laps large fly large lure largemouth freshwater bass last laying the rig on the swim lb led assembly leger leger rig legerimng legering legering rig lever lid lift lift and drop float lifting lifting a netted carp from the water lifting the f1 carp from the landing net light light breeze light cloud cover lighting products lilies lincolnshire line line clip line control line loop lines link swivel liquid lite panels astra daylight live maggots llanding net loaded loading loading a catapult loading a pole cup lobworm lobworm hook bait closeup lobworms close up in soil logo logo on shirt long long bristle long lean common long pole long pole fishing long pole shallow caught carp long pole shallow fishing long pole shallow fishing bait. long range carp fishing long range feeder fishing longbow look looking looking ahead looking following looking forward looking over shoulder and pole tip looking up loop loose feeding low key lump lumps luncheon meat lush lush far bank cover lush growth lynn m. very hot macro macro shot macro. closeup maggots maggots and groundbait maggots in the air magpie main.still001 main.still002 main.still003 main.still004 main.still005 main.still006 main.still007 main.still008 main.still009 main.still010 main.still011 main.still012 main.still013 main.still014 making noise mallard mallards malman malman 4x16 float malman float man and woman with fish man made manfrotto arm and clamp with camera mounting manicured map margin caught carp margin feeding margin fishing margin rig margins margins maggot meal mark marking marquee matcghing match match angler match bag match fishing match fishing action match fishing bait match fishing organisation match fishing practice match fishing rig match fishing tactics match fishing tactics for f1 carp match fishing tactics. match in progress notice match practice match winning tactics max measure measured measured amount measurement meat meat and corn caught carp memories mesh mesh feeding cup mesh pouch method method feeder method feeder fishing micro pellets micros and corn mid shot middle lake milo hook box mirror mirror carp mixing modest amount molands lake mono mouth mud bank multi camera shoot munter my combination is tapered 8 to 40 lb line nash cradle nash nrxd 13 ft 3.5 rods near the diaw landing net neat negative pole fishing negative pole line net net of fish netsy landing net handle netted netting netting a carp. landing net netting a fish netting fish new hinge rig for match fishing newton park nex next peg nice day nice sized common carp night night sky norfolk reeds north somerset association novice nrxd 13 ft 3.5 rods ntb number 42 nx30 obedience observation oct odyssey 7 odyssey 7 monitor oem light source of offering up the hook point offering up the rig oiutdoor old bury hill old bury hill fisheries old ghost old ghost alga old ghost baits old ghost baits krill old ghost baits krill and red maggots old ghost baits uk on off opaque open bail arm options orange orange bristle orange daiwa hydrloastic orange daiwa hydrolastic orange elastic orange tip organisation organised organised efficiency organised fishing organised pole kits organised tackle out of focus outdoor oval body overcast day overcast sky overhanging far bank cover. p1020602 pack shot packet packington somers packington somers fishery packshot parenting part party pastie carp patience patient patiently patrol routes pattern pea green water peat peat and soil pectoral peg number pellet pellet and corn pellet band pellet cone pellet fshing pellet mounted in a band pellet waggler pellet wagglers pellets pellets hitting the water around the pole tip pellets hitting the water around the pole tip hitting the water sroundf the flost pellets leaving the pouch pencil pencil float penhale quantock ltd perch perch closeup perfect perfectly mountd performance pet photographer photography pi cad pots pi catapult picking up a pole top kit from the roost pike play playing playing a carp playing a carp hooked on the top 5 line in front of the next platform playing a carp on the pole playing a carp with the pole tip in the water playing a carp with the pole tip low to the water playing a fish playing a fish on the top kit playing a fish on the top kit after hooking it on the long pole playing carp playing carp on a long pole playing carp on a top kit playing fish plenty of turns on the hsank plenty of turns on the shank ploy bags plumbing plumbing up. plummet pmcanon pmw pole pole action pole cad pole cup pole cup drennan 250 ml filled with damp micro pellets to feed the long pole swim pole cup. pole cups pole elastic pole fioshing pole fished corn pole fishing pole fishing action pole fishing float pole fishing for canal bream pole fishing for carp pole fishing match action pole fishing match tactics pole fishing organisation pole fishing tactics pole fishing top kits pole fishinglosse feeding pole float pole float bristle pole float rubbers pole foat pole handling pole kits pole match fishing tactics pole peg pole pot pole pult pole rig pole rigs pole rog pole roller pole roller detail pole rollers pole roost pole roost spare pole kits pole rubbers pole sections pole shipping action pole sock pole spare kist pole tip pole top half. tight to far bank cover pole top kit polishing match tactics polishing tactics pond grass ponsford poppedup boilies portrait portraits pose positive fishing poster potential cover pouch practice precise precision preparation preparing to net a fish presentation presents press pressure preston preston innovations flatbed method feeder undersode showing 1 oz preston pold cad small pretied product shot profile programme making ptfe internal pole bush pull back puller kit pulling elastic pulling the elastic pumped pellets purple hydrolastic purse net push pushed together pusing a puller kit pva quality quality fish in the landing net quantities quantity quantum quantum radical carp truck quickstep quiver quiver tip quiver tip closeup quiver tip fishing quivertip quivertipping radio mic railway embankment rain rain drops hitting water rainbow trout raison raison150104026 raison150104038 raison150104177 rays reach reaching reaching out reaching to net a carp ready rigs rear rests rearing recoil record recording red and white maggots red fish usa red maggot in mouth red maggots red maggots dead red sky redfin reeds reel reel seat reeling reeling in reflective floor remote removal reservoir reservoir carp reservoir carp fishing reservoir fishing rest retrieve ribbed ribs rig rig box rig concealment rig detail rig details rig efficiency rig line rig mechanics rig presentation rig tray rig. rigs rigs rest riner baits ringer baits ringers pellet pump rings of ripple rings of ripple raining ripple ripples river river fishing river huntspill river stour river wye roach road rocket feeders rod rod action rod and reel rod bending rod bending action rod compressed rod handle rod reel rod reel setting up rod rest rod rests rods rods and reels roots rope rotate the cup rotating the rig routine rubber on shank running line rush bed rush beds rushes s lake safe sat nav screen scale scaled scales scenic scenic an angler fishing scenic and action scenic and angler scenic shot scnic scratching screen view sealed bags seat box seat box and accessories secnic section secure fit sedentary sedges owner seed sennheiser sensas sensas crazy bait gold packet sequence serrated session chiller set seta box seta box system setting the hook setting up several carp shaft shallow shallow fishing shallow fishing rig shank sharpening shimano 10000 c14 ultegras and nash nrxd 13 ft shiping out the pole shipping a pole out shipping back the pole with a fish on shipping detail shock absorbing shooting into the sun shooting pattern short short line short pole short pole fishing short pole fishing with pellets four carp short pole pellet fishing for carp short range short top kit short tops shot shotting show show making side puller side tray side view sign signs silhouette silicone float rubbers silicone rubber sleeve silver silver fish silver hook silver paint silver painted top kit. f1 kit single corn single fish single fish catch shot single grain single style weight sinker sinking pellets sitting down sitting waiting for a bite watching the quiver tip size size 11 skies skimmer bream fish swirling on the surface skimmer pond skimmers skin skylark slapper ab sliding sliding feeder link slight ripple slim float sling small ball of micro pellets stuck together small common carp small cup small fish small loop small perch small perch closeup in hand shows lobworm small silver fish small stretchy band small swivel links reel line to hook length smile smile happy smiling smooth shipping smug snag snake lake snap swivel soaking soft pellets soil soil and peat somerset somerset. 210617 hottest day since 1976. canal lake peg 42 somerset. 210617 hottest day since 1976. the sedges fishery bridgwater somerset. 21617 hottest day since 1976. canal lake peg 42 somerset. 21o617 hottest day since 1976. canal lake peg 42 sony nx30e sony pmw f3 cameras sony pmwf3 sony pxw fs7 south cerney ac spade end spade end hook spare kits spare top kits spares special species specimen specimen fish spectacles specular highlight specular highlight buffer specular highlights speed speed and efficiency splash splash fish splashes splashing splashing fish splashing water splashing. splash split shot closeup no.8 splitshot spool sport spray spring spring fishing springtime square squeeze squinting squirt st stacking trays stafford moor stalking stares stealth stencil step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step one stick floats stiff stiff pole still still001 still002 still003 still004 still005 stillwater stillwater barbel stillwater canal stndicate lake stock pond stopwatch stopwatch timer stotz strain stretch stretching stretching elastic stretching to net a carp stretchy elastic strike strike. big splash striking striking on the long pole stripping elastic stripping the elastic strung out shotting studio stunning styl style styles submerge success success caught summer summer bag summer day summer evening summer fishing summer. summer. stretching sumner's ponds sumners pond sun sun rays sun shimmer sundown sunlit sunny sunny day sunray sunstar super g 13 ft distance feeder rod superglued pellets supply surface surface action surface slurped surface slurping swan swan shot sweetcorn swim swim choice swims swinging swirl swirling water swirls switch swivel syndiacte lake syndicate lake syndicate lake blue sky syndicate lake pole fishing synidcate lake tackle tackle and bait detail tackle detail tackle detail shot tackle details tackle organisation tackle storage tackle. studio product shot tackling up taclle and tactics tactic tactic. tactics tactics for f1 carp taking apart the pole with a fish on taking the pole from the rest ready to attach the baited top kit tapping the pole to release the bait target targeting fish taster tattoo taunton td3 float td4012reelcrop tdr tdx 3010 reel single handle teaching team daiwa technique technology telephoto tench tension tension adjuster test testing a rig thanks the sedges the sedges fishery the sedges fishery bridgwater theboys thick bristle thicken three black silicone rubbers three clear silicone rubbers throwing by hand thumb tidy tight tight across tight bulk tight crop tight to the far bank tight to the far margin tightening tim ford timex timing tip tip ex tip fishing tip kit tops tip the cup tipping to to the brim tohopekaliga tone tool top 5 rig top kit top kit carp action top view. tournament tournament airity tournament pro feeder 1011q tournament pro match 11w trace attached to pole top kit trailer train training trajectory transfer transparent trap traps trap set tree lined lake trees trinity waters tripod trophy trophy shot trout fishing trout reservoir tunnel barn farm twenty two handfuls of pellets two hands two hands on rod under amour under armour under armour fish under armour fishing apparel under armour hoody underarmour unhook unhooking unhooking a chub about 2 lb unhooking a fish unhooking action unhooking mat update usa using a cupping kit to feed the top 5 line but in front of the next vacant peg v2v v2vdvdgrid vanes vegetation version very hot very hot day vespe vid video view from behind the swim view over shoulder at pole tip viiew from rear violent visuals vroller w9dchvh waggler waggler float waggler rod waiting waiting for a bite waiting for a bite on the long pole waiting for bite waiting game walrow warm watch watching water water boiling water drains from the landing net water droplets water droplets. water drops water drops from net water drops from the landing net water erupting water erupts water in eyes water rings water splash water splashes as a fish is hooked water splashing water spray water turbulence watercraft waterfowl wave webbed feet wedding wedged between weed strand weigh net weigh sling weighing weight weighted float bases weights well cared for well kept well maintained wessex water wessex water. westwood lakes wet wewca29 whacker carp whipping white white backdrop white barrel shaped boilie mounted on a hait rig to a size 14 guru qm1 hook white cloud white daiwa hydrolastic white daiwa hydrolytic white hydro white 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